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Work Space

One with the river, mountain, valley, trees, creatures, sun, moon, and wind.

This platform, our home for the "work" of the gatherings is the central life blood of Oneirema.  Here the teachings are delivered by the group leader as well as the seen and unseen present to teach.  Every spot on the land offers you a unique experience to bring with you to the platform to work.  We know that your learning, your teaching is held and supported beyond what you could imagine in this sacred space.


Urs Limacher

Project Oneirema Restoration And Renovation

In times like these community is to be cherished.

10 years ago, Oneirema, a piece of land in the pure nature of the healing Cretan mountain waters has found us, to host our conscious dreaming into existence of a new Earth, to become our sacred playground for human evolution. Since then, through many cycles and various waves that have been growning us and shaping us into an ever developing and exploring community, we have been listening to her, what structures she called us to manifest on her body to hold our community activities and circle gatherings around the intention of expanding and deepening into our individual and collective human consciousness. The ground for and the beating heart of our coming together has been a 100 square meter wooden platform where every one of us has at least once experienced a life changing moment of inter-connectedness that has deeply transformed them. This open air platform was built with the least invasion to the surroundings, after a ceremony was held to ask permission by the Spirits of the land.

Now, 10 years later, the deed of 4 committed soul friends linking their life intention to the place and project "Oneirema" by signing to become co-owners and stewards of the land, has signalled a phase of death for the old ways of holding and synchronistically for the platform: the ground of our transformation. Oneirema has been in stillness, in shedding and introspection this summer season - she has been stripped by time and nature to her bare essentials, many of her structures resembling skeletons. She has been surrendering to the dying process lead by the Divine Feminine Spirit that trusts in the wisdom of cycles of Death and Rebirth. The platform has been opened, her bones revealed, an autopsy done on her body to check what is still standing, what is ready to be let go of and recycled. 

In resonance with the shedding of old structures that no longer serve us/humanity, in service to the birth of a new humanity, we, embodying the archetype of midwife, are going to be listening to, following and assisting Oneirema`s waves, in what is asking to be born, for all of us. 

Rather than a bustling summer season full of incredible retreats, teaching, and creativity; Covid-19 and all the shifts it is bringing, has given us the opportunity to turn our attention towards restoration and renovation this summer.

We could really use your support!  

If you have attended a workshops, stayed for a retreat, or just stopped by for a coffee you will know how vital these projects are. The Platform is our biggest project.  It is time for it to be completely renovated for the long future ahead.  The wood of the tee pees and the kitchen is our other focus, each one needing caring hands to sand and varnish the wood to guarantee them into the coming years.  

We are asking our community for support through a Crowdfund for Project Oneirema Restoration and Renovation.  We aim to raise 6,000 euros to bring Oneirema into the future years.  Please Donate towards this important project and then come to see what you have co-created when it is complete and Oneirema can receive the next retreats.  

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Platform Renovation



Tee Pee Platform and Pole Restorations



Outdoor Kitchen Restoration

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