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Photo by George Arestis

A Bit About Us

Since 2020 the constellation of people holding the vision for Oneirema transformed.  Now an international group of diverse individuals are collaborating in the spirit of ubuntu with the seen and unseen who call this mystical place home in order to co-hold a renewed intention in service to the evolution of humanity welcoming a new earth.  A spiritual home of teaching, community, revitalisation, and earth connection...a retreat into discovering what nourishes each one's body and soul, and so the body and soul of humanity and Gaia.  We hope that you will soon come to join one of our gatherings or schedule time for yourself on the land for your own journey.

Oneirema (pronounced o-neé-re-ma) means Conscious Dreaming in Greek: the process of consciously dreaming awake; dreaming Life into existence. This land spanning 26 acres with both protected forest and river is a sacred playground for evolution teaching us Union--reflected in and emanating from the nature and landscape.  The union of both: an essence deeply feminine, fluid, dark, void energy of both nurturance and wildness all the way to chaos and destruction; as well as, a highly integrated masculine essence, clearly delineated, sword-like, powerfully cutting through illusion and conditioning.   

As holders of Oneirema we have each been taught and continue to learn the lessons that penetrate us in our relationships, in our life tasks, together with all the radical de-conditioning, the cycles of death and rebirth, the constant process of transformation and change it evokes.  We continue to stay committed to a way that brings forth the truth of who we are connected with all life.  

Meet you soon,

With Love,

The team of Oneirema


Welcome to our ecological retreat center where everything here is simple and organic by design.  Every facility is constructed and held with an allowance of impermanence ensuring the land is free to evolve with the seasons.  There is no electricity here save a bit of solar power in the day.  A reluctant cellular signal is best found with a climb up the mountain, a beautiful garden offering many vegetables, accommodation naturally cozy, outdoor showers heated by the sun or a plunge into the refreshing river, compost toilets, all in harmony to the land.  When you stay with us, you reconnect to nature in a way that is very powerful, nourishing, and healing.  


Work Space

Practice takes place on a 100 square meter outdoor, shaded, elevated, wooden platform.It is suitable for movement, lying down and sitting in a circle up to 35 people in a circle. Ceremonies, lectures and meditations can also be held on numerous other magical spots on the land. 

One with the river, mountain, valley, trees, creatures, sun, moon, and wind.

This platform, our home for the "work" of the gatherings is the central life blood of Oneirema.  Here the teachings are delivered by the group leader as well as the seen and unseen present to teach.  Every spot on the land offers you a unique experience to bring with you to the platform to work.  We know that your learning, your teaching is held and supported beyond what you could imagine in this sacred space.


Our Kitchen

Our menu is vegeterian and vegan. When a dish traditionally contains milk or cheese e.g. mousakas, we make a vegan variant. Our dishes, as well as our delicious deserts are mainly gluten free.​For breakfast we serve variety of seasonal fruits, jams made with fruits from our land or our neighbours' gardens, local honey, goats yoghurt, free-range eggs, oats, muesli, sourdough bread, and local goats cheese.  Our lunch menu includes traditional greek dishes like mousakas, stuffed vegetables and vegan tzatziki, cretan dishes like boureki and takos, vegan dishes like veggie burgers, curry, buckwheat salad etc.  For dinner we make veloute soups using seasonal vegetables etc tomatoe, beetroot, pumpkin. 

Much of what you will eat is grown right here at Oneirema.  Early in the spring we get together to open the season and we plant!  Our chefs offer you a diet to support the work you will undertake here.  It is vibrant and clear to help you shed what is ready to shed.  Remember that part of your time here will be in detoxing from the frantic-ness of daily life, and our food will support that detoxification.  The kitchen offers three meals a day and there is coffee and fruits available throughout the day during your breaks.  

(if you really need a meal with meat, or a beer, or ice cream:)...we can give you the directions to our favourite nearby cafe -a get away from our get away also with wifi)



​The accommodation for our guests is in 4 comfortable decked tipis usually shared between 4 guests. 
​A small stone built house by the river can either accommodate 4 guests on its attic or is used as a private bedroom by the facilitator(s).
You can also opt for a single or a double tent or one of our beautiful bell tents.
Tents are set up on various shaded spots.

5 minutes away by car lays the mountain village Sembronas, where we  have access to beautiful naturally build country house "Castania", that can host up to 15 people and has also a beautiful indoor workshop space.



Please bring with you bio soaps for the outdoor showers, which are heated with the warmth of the sun or can be wood fire heated for a night shower.  We prepare nourishing, nutritious, easily digestible meals with most of our fresh ingredients being locally sourced and some from our garden in our outdoor kitchen.  We have 4 sawdust toilets dotted conveniently around our gathering areas.  Our free standing platform is where groups gather for workshops or creative spaces of dance and music.


Sacred Spaces

Discover powerful sacred spaces on the land.  Many ceremonies have been held in some of these sacred spaces creating a charged and focused energy for you to experience.  As the land reveals more and more of herself to Oneirema, we discover more of vortexes of healing energy and honour their arrival.  Meanwhile nature from time to time transforms these sacred spaces revealing more raw potency and connection to have access to.  You will find many quartz crystals here helping to hold its high vibration.


Music and Dance

As the day comes to a close, lighting a nightly fire, gathering on the platform, sitting amongst candles across from each other on the table...this magical time of song, music, dance, and collaboration is an integral aspect of the conscious dreaming of Oneirema.  

In between the retreats we host this season, we will be offering Healing Dance and Music Events, which we will share dates and times about on Facebook.

When you come to Oneirema we think it is important for you to know...

Oneirema us a natural retreat center. It is important for us that your group is mindful and fully responsible for their stay on the land. There is limited electricity on both the land and Hani Kastania (a neighbouring house with traditional comforts available for nightly stays). They are both powered by solar for limited electricity needs. For the rest there is a generator on the land for extra needs. WiFi reception is limited. Thus, for any music played during your group work it is more secure to have play lists pre-downloaded. And perhaps coordinating a time amongst your group to all venture uphill for better reception. There is also a near cafe, which the group can travel to.  Please bring a head torch each. Summer slippers (strong ones) or crocs for the creek/showers. Toilets are sawdust toilets; Hani Kastania house has two "normal" toilets inside.

There is hot water when there is sun. So, not early in the morning, not late in the evening unless you ask us to heat up a boiler either for the morning or for the evening - you need to let us know in advance. It can be hot during the day - there is always shade - and could be cool during the night. We provide all you need for bedding, if you want, bring an extra shawl each. Bring sunscreen and mosquito repellent. We don't usually have mosquitos. We do have insects plus scorpions which are not deadly. In case someone is allergic we will have the medicine you need. The hospital (General Hospital St. George) is a 45 minute drive. You will need to have cars to drive back and forth between Hani Kastania and Oneirema (only a 3-5 minute drive); and in case you want to visit the closest beach, Sougia, 35 minutes away. You need to let us know in advance about any special dietary requests, for the rest, we got you. We require of you to be extremely cautious with setting fire. Be very attentive with candles please at all times. There is a fire pit you can all sit around in a circle. We need to speak and agree closer to the date about the sound system and microphone, and if you could visit us a day before that would be amazing!  There are 4 tipis, a Yurt, a cabin and three bell tents. That's all we for questions.


Whether you come to join a gathering or come for a private journey,
prepare to leave behind what isn't necessary, 
you will find what you need here,
and return home transformed in unfathomable ways.

Oneirema, a piece of art of the Earth...!!!

Oneirema, the sacred land, that accepts whatever I am, and in that sacred land, I reborn my real self, in the real nature!!!

I became a piece of the land... A part of the art of Gaia!

Athanasia Stavropoulou


Stewards of Oneirema

a fluid circle of people dedicated to harness and offer the teachings of the land in the spirit of ubuntu

Natalia Partheniou


Vangelis Kalaitzis


Leila Forsythe


Urs Limacher-Kochelin


Henriette Kochelin


Esiah Munay Sherry Pae


Loretta Hasson


Theodocia Frantzeskaki


Yadin Kaplansky


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