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Volunteer Exchange 

Dreaming Into Reality

There is certainly a place for you here.  We need daily volunteers during our season for the many aspects of operations.  We welcome a way to participate in Oneirema that works for all of us.  We a very glad you are interested to exchange your work to stay and play with us and we can together find a way that suits us both.


Exchanging Ideas

Every visitor to Oneirema comes from a diverse background and with them a flow of ideas that help us dream Oneirema into its dynamic evolving form.  We are because of you.  When you come to stay for the summer, for a week, for a night...we know and listen to what is coming as ever a gift comes in our meeting.  Oneirema is a living field of evolution always changing with the cycles of life.  Every season Oneirema offers is a deep reflection of those who have come before to clear the way for that which is arriving.  

Come make music with us, construct with us, dance with us, eat with us, dream with us in an ebb and flow of giving and receiving.  

"I'm talking about the simple work on the land through many different ways for those who stay or use the land and its facilities even you are an owner, a guest or a colleague.  In India it's called Karma |Yoga, first time that I did Karma Yoga for some days I felt that heals me in different ways, giving little from your time to offer your energy its like putting a seed to the ground."

Vangelis Kalaitzis

Projects We Are Tackling This Season

2023 Season could use your help


Retreat Chef

We are already booking retreats for the 2023 summer season.  Would you like to lead in the kitchen and nourish our guests?

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We need help building simple wood constructions; as well as, this year we are bringing 4 new tipis to the Oneirema.  We will need help in various ways to prepare their arrival.  Could you help?


Putting up the tipis

When the tipis arrive, they will need a team to erect each of the four.  This is a beautiful time of preperation for the summer season.  Would you be interested to take part?

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