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Let Oneirema host your group...

Home to teachers capable to make use of the landscape, and to harness the vortex that supports their teaching.  Come for the vastness of this school of evolution.  

Oneirema is a convergence of multidimensionality.  With its wild vortex of vibrations, it calls forth teaching, learning, embracing, empowering, surrender, interconnectedness, life, death...


A vision exists here of a community holding retreat and sanctuary for those who seek to be held and to be exposed to a way of being that embraces all of life.  

Let go of what you think you know.

Dive into the unknown and shed skin.

Tune into the cycles of light and darkness.

Go into the depth of the womb,

and the vastness of the cosmos.

Meet your reflections in nature,

in relationships,

inside the circle.

Embrace life's interconnectedness.


Sherry Pae, Teacher, USA

"Oneirema - where nature itself leads and calls forth the essence, truth and depth of any teaching.    Oneirma -  where transformation and transfiguration are organic outcomes of the environment.  Every time, in the many times of teaching and leading gatherings at Oneirema,  every time has been profoundly life-changing.  Not only for me, but for everyone who participated.   As a retreat center, Oneirema is a unique, rare and pure jewel.    The land itself holds a magic and mystery that naturally opens, activates and influences the teaching/learning journey.   While the people, the food and the accommodations offer exquisite nourishment, support and the opportunity to remember our interconnectedness within the unity of life itself." 

Bring your Teaching

Let The Nature Here Support Your Circle

We are dedicated to bringing teachers who help us to raise aweness, co-exist with the earth, return to the wisdom of our bodies, expand into the wisdom of the cosmos, and more.  If you would like to bring your teaching here, if you would like to enrich your group with the power of this landscape, if you are looking for a retreat centre to host your teachings, please get in touch with us.  
It is important to us that you bring to the attention of your group a way of being with the earth that regards her.  We can support you in that teaching.  
If you feel called to come and teach with us we are honoured you have found us.  We require a minimum of 10 people per retreat for a minimum of 3 days.  Lets talk soon to organise your gathering.


We Look Forward To Hosting Your Retreat

per person per day


This is the cost for the accommodation of your event.



**One facilitator will always be complimentary.

per person per day


This is the cost of the kitchen to prepare food for your event.  
**When you have 21 guests or more the cost will decrease to 25€/person/day for food.

**One facilitator will always be complimentary.

per person per day


This is the per person per day charge for our events that covers the costs of hosting your retreat on the land.

**One facilitator will always be complimentary.



We would be happy to support the outreach for your event.  We can include your event on our Facebook page and our Website for those interested from our worldwide Oneirema Community.

Upcoming Events

"Running a retreat at Oneirema is like a dream. The sound of the river washing through the valley, nestled in the bosom of the mountains is magical beyond words. I've been hosting there for a few years now and each year the relationship with the place gets deeper. Natalia is beyond exceptional in her holding. There will be nothing left untended. Everytime I have held something there, I have felt very well held as the facilitator. The food and the accommodation are very well made and it's a delight to return there each year."

Kate Joyner, U.K., Dancing Serpent Mystery School

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