Oneirema Welcomes You

A Sacred Playground For Evolution.
Aiding our passage into a new humanity and a new earth.


We Are Consciously Dreaming of

Gathering and co-creating a space and a way that supports the individual, relational and collective process of radical de-conditioning and re-membering, as we transition, transfigure, and grow in multidimensional awareness and a lived experience of our interconnectedness with all life.


A magic place, a piece of land in a steep valley in the cretan mountains.
You walk down from a wide open blue blue sky above a mostly unpopulated, wild, dry,  stony landscape on a dusty, stony, uneven street/path. 
Passing various land terraces it's getting more and more grey-greenish thanks to some Olive and other fruit trees, you go further down, always having your feet finding the next step while being in wonder by all the discoveries you can make through all of your senses. Further down, the valley is getting narrower, the air is changing, it’s getting cooler and you feel humidity, fertility and freshness in this usually very hot region- wow - arriving at the lowest spot, protected by big leaf trees, you take of your shoes, if you still have them on, and surrender to the cold, the wetness, the renewal of the river surrounded by it’s babbling and bubbling sounds .  .  .   you arrived in the NOW . . . 
This place is timeless, nourishing all aspects of my being, stands for itself, hidden in nature, cared for very thought- and respectful through invisible hands and dedicated souls - it’s a very generous, supportive  and merciless place- it offers you many more mirrors than just the surface of the little ponds in the river . . . it calls forth and allows complete nakedness, depth, pureness, joy and deep love.

Henriette Kochelin