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Crowd Fund

Your generosity helps us to bring Oneirema more into embodiment.

We are consciously dreaming of gathering and co-creating a space and a way that supports the individual, relational and collective process of radical de-conditioning and re-membering, as we transition, transfigure, and grow in multidimensional awareness and a lived experience of our interconnectedness with all life.

We operate as a not for profit organisation.  To be able to offer the gifts of Oneirema it takes considerable dedication.  

You can be a part!

We look forward to all those souls who find they are called to be a part of the greater design here offering their knowledge and hands for an hour, a day, months, or years.  If you feel this calling we honour your willingness to find your way into this community project.

The simplest way to support our endeavour is a donation to our vision.  This goes to invigorate the infrastructure of Oneirema.  

And perhaps you have had an experience of Oneirema and upon returning home realise the impact in your life and want to donate to support its well being for the future.  

No matter the way, we very much THANK YOU for your contributions great and small! 

With Love,

The Team of Oneirema

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