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Bring your Teaching

Let us help you organise a gathering here with us.

We are dedicated to bringing teachers who help us to raise aweness, co-exist with the earth, return to the wisdom of our bodies, expand into the wisdom of the cosmos, and more.  If you would like to bring your teaching here, if you would like to enrich your group with the power of this landscape, if you are looking for a retreat centre to host your teachings, please get in touch with us.  
It is important to us that you bring to the attention of your group a way of being with the earth that regards her.  We can support you in that teaching.  
If you feel called to come and teach with us we are honoured you have found us.  Lets talk soon to organise your gathering.

Bring your Teaching: What We Do


We Look Forward To Hosting Your Retreat

per person per day

This is the cost for the accommodation of your event.
**One facilitator will always be complimentary.

per person per day

This is the cost of the kitchen to prepare food for your event.  
**When you have 21 guests or more the cost will decrease to 25€/person/day for food.
**One facilitator will always be complimentary.

per person per day


This is the per person per day charge for our events that covers the costs of hosting your retreat on the land.
**One facilitator will always be complimentary.



We would be happy to support the outreach for your event.  We can include your event on our Facebook page and our Website for those who are part of the Oneirema Community.

Bring your Teaching: Price List
Bring your Teaching: Testimonials



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